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Your 'one stop design shop' for Chameleon TV

Rockit Design Ltd is the proud creator of the Chameleon brand. In partnership with ISB (In-Store Broadcasting) we have developed a community based broadcasting network and service.



The brand more than delivers on all of its promises:


• 40% local community content

• 60% local business content

• Cutting edge live feed content

• Your broadcast played every 10 minutes

• On 10 to 20 screens

• Across maximum exposure locations

• In the heart of your community

• That's over 5000 plays per week

• With crazy affordable pricing options

• Plus creative services to suit your budget

• Brainstorm with a brand specialist

• Maximise your impact

• Change your message as often as you like

• Enjoy rewards and priviledges


8,400 plays per week across a standard 20 screen network - from $20 p/wk!


Watch the presentation below for a quick overview, including unbeatable broadcasting and animation rates.


Broadcast your message to the heart of your community.


Call Liam to discuss the best creative solution for you:


p  (09) 816 9099

m 0224 743 404

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