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Meet Daisy

Daisy has a curious nature and an adventurous spirit.. with a BIG imgination. She loves nothing more than an adventure. Oh, and she loves to sing! One day, when sitting upon her toilet going about her lady business, she discovered a secret "Biddly-me-bong" song that changed her world forever.. and our time-travelling Daisy was ready for action.

Our heroine stars in a couple of rhyming adventure books, but when she's not busy time-travelling she likes to keep a diary, right here on this site.


Like most busy young ladies Daisy has plenty to share. She is a practicing eco-warrior, animal and plant lover and all round good egg!


Dinosaur Adventures

Her first big adventure sees Daisy go back in time .. 150 million years to be precise! She sits on her time-travel toilet and sings her song. Before she knows what is up from down she is flushed back in time to a land of whacky dinosaurs, volatile volcanoes and all a manor of bugs and critters .. before returning home for tea at 6 .. with mum and dad none the wiser!


Space Adventures

COMING SOON .. Daisy & The Time-Travel Toilet Do Space. A space adventure with a difference. Our heroine explores alien worlds, where she meets many more colourfull and crazy characters, including the moon rabbits (called 'mabbits', of course).

Meanwhile.. on planet earth

Daisy has been busy

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