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Terrariums are beautiful tiny ecosystems, and as we all know, ecosystems are very delicate. You have to make sure you have just the right ingredients to create a stable environment for the plants and moss to survive Pic 2  shows the 6 main building blocks to a healthy terrarium that will stay beautiful and happy! 
An extra little step that I have added in is called Spring Tails (Pic 1). Spring tails are tiny little bugs that I add into my terrariums to make them super healthy.  Their role in preserving the terrariums is to eat the extra fungus and any unwanted bacteria that may be harmful for the growth of the terrarium. 
One of the most amazing things about having a terrarium, other then how pretty they look, is that you only have to water them once or twice a year, talk about easy! In order for them to stay happy, you must find a place in your home that’s not in direct sunlight, but still has enough light so that it’s not in the dark. Good places would be on a table, desk and shelf’s. It’s a good idea to avoid places like windowsills as the direct sun can make them overheat. 

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How Do Terrariums work?

Terrariums work in a cycle, the plants absorb water and use it for growth and nutrients, once the plants have finished with the water it evaporates off the leaves and becomes condensation on the glass of the terrarium, which drips down the glass (like rain) and into the soil for the plants to take in again. Do you see the cycle?

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When you first buy your terrarium, it may take a few days for it to get used to its new space. After around a week it should be fine and start to continue growing. When caring for your terrarium make sure NEVER to open the lid unless you are watering it, opening the sealed lid will undo all its hard work to create a solid environment. After a while, if the condensation stops, that’s how you know when to water it.


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