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a LIVE painting experience
@ ArtWeek in the City Fri 6th - Thurs 12th Oct (inc Late Night Art)

Professional artists in action
See Works-in-Progress
& a selection of recent works
Talk about the creative process
What makes them tick
Maybe commission an artist

Pick up a limited edition print
- or even an original!

A selection of Auckland based artists will be working on their latest inspirations ‘LIVE' at their easels at ArtWeek in the City from 6th to 12th October. They will be thrilled to see you at the Marilyn Waring room, High Street - opposite Vulcan Lane, and right a bit!
From expressionism to impressionism, fantasy to real life. Discover what makes them do what they do; the process, the obstacles and the rewards. The artists will be happy to answer your queries and to share tips and techniques - promise they won’t bite!


Liam Downes

Artist  |  Designer  |  Illustrator

Liam finds inspiration around most corners of New Zealand. Auckland has become his spiritual home; ‘The clash of mother nature and feats of man-made engineering - Rangitoto sleeps as the Sky Tower looms'; commentary through opposing land and city scapes dominate; figure painting 'just for the love of it'; throw in the odd statement for good measure. He draws some influence from a background in the commercial arts, embracing the battle between structure and abandon.



Vjekoslav Nemesh

Artist  |  Art Tutor

Nemesh describes his art as a transfer of his feelings and emotions in a specific moment (Inspiration) onto the surface of the canvas.  Strong emotional moments are very important in this act of creation.  They may be induced with music or any other circumstances such as joy, love, anger or worry.  What you see on his canvas is a result of more than thirty years of development, but not only technically, there is also spiritual growth involved which drastically changed his paintings.



Craig Fletcher

Artist  |  Ceramicist  |  Jeweller

Craig Fletcher has been working as an artist in New Zealand for many decades. He began his career with traditional sculpture in clay and bronze. His work has developed into low relief ceramic sculptures. These are over painted with water-colour, acrylic and occasional gold leaf. Craig's also transitions into the tiny world of jewellery, as a scaled version of the paintings.

Craig is a passionate advocate for supporting Kiwi Made and believes that New Zealanders are made of strong stuff.


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