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Do you have an inquisitive public ready to be inspired?

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Auckland Artists


Liam Downes

Artist  |  Designer  |  Illustrator

Liam finds inspiration around most corners of New Zealand. Auckland has become his spiritual home; ‘The clash of mother nature and feats of man-made engineering - Rangitoto sleeps as the Sky Tower looms'; commentary through opposing land and city scapes dominate; figure painting 'just for the love of it'; throw in the odd statement for good measure. He draws some influence from a background in the commercial arts, embracing the battle between structure and abandon.



Maria Owens


Danish artist Maria Owens is about intuition and mindfulness. Through her abstract works she explores line, colour and shape, allowing each work to emerge and tell its own story. Inspired by her walks in the Waitakere Ranges, the gestural mark making and movements employed by Maria, work together to create a narrative, capturing a moment in time.

Maria's work can be seen in Railway Street Gallery.  It has also been shown in Depot Artspace, Upstairs Gallery, 250 Gallery and Auckland Art Show. 



Vjekoslav Nemesh

Artist  |  Art Tutor

Nemesh describes his art as a transfer of his feelings and emotions in a specific moment (Inspiration) onto the surface of the canvas.  Strong emotional moments are very important in this act of creation.  They may be induced with music or any other circumstances such as joy, love, anger or worry.  What you see on his canvas is a result of more than thirty years of development, but not only technically, there is also spiritual growth involved which drastically changed his paintings.



Mountain Duck

Artist  |  Tutor

Kelly aka Mountain Duck is no stranger to LIVE art and performance through creativity, most recently as an Art Battle Auckland finalist and Spotlight Artist.

A background writing graffiti across the streets of Auckland led Kelly into drawing classic style animated cartoons for Disney and our local show Brotown. His current art is a culmination of all the influences and styles he has explored, and is self described as

"Mash-up surrealist psychedelic cartoon graffiti."



Craig Fletcher

Artist  |  Ceramicist  |  Jeweller

Craig Fletcher has been working as an artist in New Zealand for many decades. He began his career with traditional sculpture in clay and bronze. His work has developed into low relief ceramic sculptures. These are over painted with water-colour, acrylic and occasional gold leaf. Craig's also transitions into the tiny world of jewellery, as a scaled version of the paintings.

Craig is a passionate advocate for supporting Kiwi Made and believes that New Zealanders are made of strong stuff.


Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 12.48.46 PM.png

Roberta Queiroga

Artist  |  Architect

Roberta is a contemporary visual artist from Brazil who has lived in Aotearoa, New Zealand since 2001.

She has also lived in Portugal and Japan and takes Influences from places and cultures she comes across. These are continuously shaping her identity and informing her work. Her background is in architecture, and she is interested in the relationship between the artwork, the viewer and the space. Roberta enjoys painting LIVE and is a regular favourite at Art Battle Auckland.


Auckland Design Week

4 artists will be painting LIVE at the 1st ever ADW!


Meet the Artists @ The ADW Resene Colour Challenge


11am - 3pm Friday 15th March & Saturday 16th March

Signature Floors, 15 Bath St, Parnell


Meet the Art Battle Artists

Roberta Queiroga - 2023 Auckland Finalist & 2024 Grand Final Spotlight Artist

Mountain Duck - 2023 Auckland Spotlight Artist, Finalist & 2024 Grand Finalist

Maria Owens - 2023 Auckland Finalist & 2024 Grand Final Spotlight Artist

Liam Downes - 2022 Christchurch Champion

Artists will be responding to 4 challenges per day set by Resene’s unique colour charts & titles

Watch them paint LIVE & share tips & techniques


Take the Challenge

Put your name in the hat

1 wildcard selected per round - starting every hour

Snag a bargain

All artwork will be available for sale


Sneak Preview

Our 4 ADW Artists are all Art Battlers!

Art Battle is the planet’s biggest LIVE painting competition across 70+ cities worldwide

Come and see our NZ artists in action before the Art Battle Auckland Grand Final @ Eden Park on 12th April

Plus 4 FREE tickets for the final will be up for grabs - simply come along & go in the draw to WIN



Have you got your ADW tickets yet?

Please note this event is part of the Auckland Design Week showcase

Attendance is open to ADW ticket holders only

Secure your tickets here


Previously @
ArtWeek in the City & Late Night Art

A selection of Auckland based artists worked on their latest inspirations ‘LIVE' at their easels. Thanks to the fabulous team at Heart of the City and the Ellen Melville Centre visitors got to meet artists in action in Auckland's CBD at ArtWeek in the City and Late Night Art.

From expressionism to impressionism, fantasy to real life, visitors were able to discover what they do; the process, the obstacles and the rewards. The artists were on-hand to answer queries and to share tips and techniques. The visitors were also given the opportunity 'to get messy' on the shared canvas provided.

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