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Express Yourself

Art & Nature with Liam & Tammy Downes

Husband and wife team Liam and Tammy invite you to discover a slice of paradise in their own backyard. Liam is a celebrated Auckland artist with a keen focus on expressions of nature, while Tammy fights on the front line of Kauri Tree Rescue. Their garden has over 150 kauri trees, and has become an area of significant scientific research to help combat the die-back disease, which is prevalent in their area. What better way to be creatively inspired than to be surrounded by the kauri forests and coastline of Auckland's Waitakere ranges.

Tailored to suit, Liam will guide you on an artistic journey driven by his years of experience as both 'expressionist' painter and commercial illustrator, with knowledge across multiple styles and techniques.

By appointment Tammy can share her Kauri Rescue learnings and take you through the native bush trail. Liam and Tammy also offer fun and informative Nature Discovery quizes for kids and BIG KIDS!

Rejuvenate by enjoying a traditional cream tea, with scones, jam and thick cream, served with tea, coffee or a cold drink.

Liam will guide you through the basics of painting (colours, mediums and mixing paints) to match your level of experience, from beginners to active painters, ready to explore their more expressive side; You or your group will have a completed painting ready to take home and hang up on your wall. Please note - Liam DOES NOT put you in a box or paint by numbers and guarantees no 2 paintings will be the same.
Some common inspirational subects and themes include:
Sustainability / Regrowth / Trees / Flowers / Still life / Figures / Imagination / or your own source of reference (e.g. pet / portrait / landscape photos / mood board). Basically.. there are no rules!
For a small cost materials can be provided, including easels, acrylic paints, brushes, palette knives, plus a selection of fabrics, mixed tools and mediums.
*See 'Material Levy' below.
NB: Liam mostly uses studio quality acrylic paint - it is water based, fast drying and washes off hands easily. That said, Liam recommends you wear old clothes or a smock, as he cannot guarantee the transparent compliance of all stains!
Discover a unique way of seeing the world around us. Your child will be given the necessary tools to be guided through a fun and engaging artistic journey. Liam will adapt the session to the child's abilities, passions and skillsets.
We recommend every 1 hour of art time is paused for a break and/or refreshments. The workshops can be 1hr to 3hrs max. A fun way to take a break is a guided explore of 'the enchanted kauri forest', with prizes for 'first to spot the honey bee tree' and 'the biggest kauri'.
Your child will complete a piece of art that will be unique to them.
NB: You can mix the groups young and old, so mum and dad can get creative alongside their little ones. The pricing structure is the same for all ages. Liam and Tammy create workshops to suit all.
CHILD - Private Class
Art Discovery - $120 p/hr
1 on 1
CHILDREN - Small Group
Art Discovery - $60 p/hr p/chil
2-4 children (minimum 2)
CHILDREN - Large Group
Art Discovery - $40 p/hr p/child
5+ children (minimum 5)
ADULTS - Express Yourself
Be inspired by nature, still life or your imagination. Bring a special photo or go with the flow. You will be guided through a voyage of artistic discovery, whatever you choose to paint. Liam will adapt the session to get the most out of your passions and skillsets.
We recommend every 1 hour of art time is paused to recalibrate your eyes. A 30 minute break can be organised to engage in a guided tour of the kauri forest and/or enjoy some refreshments.*
You will complete a piece of art that will be unique to you.
ADULT - Private Class
Express Yourself - $120 p/hr
1 on 1
ADULTS - Small Group
Express Yourself - $60 p/hr p/adult
2-4 people (minimum 2)
ADULTS - Large Group
Express Yourself - $40 p/hr p/adult
5+ (minimum 5)
To give you the opportunity to discover a range of products, without having to bring anything from home (except an open mind), we offer a material levy for each person, which covers paint and canvas materials that will be used during the course.
$25 1 day  •  $50 5 days  •  $75 10 days
As preferences and requirements vary for individuals and group we don't like to put your experience in a box. The prices and session times are a guide only. Feel free to discuss a tailor made experience to suit you or your group. Art workshops are 1 off sessions or structured courses over selected 5-10 weeks (1 workshop p/wk). Programmes are tailored to your artistic experience and individual or group requirements.
Guided Kauri Tour (approx 30mins) - $5 p/person
Discover Nature Quiz (approx 30 mins) - $5 p/person
Home-made Cream Tea + hot or cold drinks - $5 p/person
Please advise of any special dietary requirements.
If you are out for the day feel free to ask Liam and Tammy about more things to see and do in the area. All questions welcome.
Fill out the form below and we can organise a time, price and agenda to suit you or your group.
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