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Creative edge.

Rockit Design is dedicated to delivering that personal touch. Our core business is in building, developing and maintaining domestic and international brands through innovation, utilising all aspects of print and digital media.

At Rockit Design we turn ideas into reality, brand awareness into brand loyalty. No business is too big or too small. Find out how Rockit can add to your creative edge.

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Brand portfolio NZ/Aus


Domestic brands inc:

WOODSTOCK (rebrand, packaging, POS, NPD)

CODYS (rebrand, packaging, POS, NPD)

VODKA CRUISER (rebrand, packaging, POS, NPD)

NZ PURE (brand, packaging, POS/advertising, NPD)

International brands inc:

ASAHI (POS/advertising)

CARLSBERG (POS/advertising)

SOMERSBY (packaging, POS/advertising)

STOLYCHNAYA / STOLI COLD (brand, packaging, NPD)

CH'I DRINKS (brand overhall, all aspects, NPD)

Q4 + Qview (brands, collateral, pipeline generator)

E'STEL WATER (NPD, brand overhall, website, collateral)

FIELDKO (brand overhall, associated media)

HITCH CAR RENTALS (brand, campaign, printed media)

MINT REAL ESTATE (brand, signage, collateral)

REAL ELECTRICS (brand, collateral, website)

KIWI DISCOVERY (digital signage, print media)

PHOENIX FIT (brand, signage, collateral)
RMLA - Resource Management Law Assoc. (all)
KILLER HAIR (all aspects)
DETTI ARCHITECTS (brand development)

MAXIMA SECURITY (all aspects)

THE BEAUTY PROJECT(brand, signage, collateral)

GERMAN MASTER DESIGNS(brand, signage, collateral)

YOGI NECTAR (brand development, labels)

HOUSE OF HEALTH (brand, signage, collateral)
MY SHAPE (brand, signage, collateral)

NECPROTECH (brand, collateral, promo video)

LIFE BY DESIGN (brand, collateral)

WAIHEKE AIR (brand, collateral)

WAIHEKE ISLAND RESORT (brand, collateral)

WAIHEKE GOLF CLUB (brand, collateral)

ZORA BAR (brand, exterior/interior)

ESPRESSO (brand, collateral)

PUMPS & PLUMBING (rebrand, exterior)

BEAUTIQUE SKIN CARE (brand, collateral)

Brand portfolio US.

LONG ISLAND ICED TEA (brand, NPD, collateral)

LONG ISLAND LEMONADE(brand, NPD, collateral)

ALO JUICE BRAND (rebrand, NPD, collateral)

Brand portfolio UK.

CURRYS (advertising, illustration)

OLYMPIC AIRWAYS (rebrand, livery)

LLOYDS (advertising, illustration)

KUONI (POS/advertising, displays)

P&O STENA LINE (interior design)

HYATT REGENCY (advertising)

LA MANGA RESORT (brand development, POS)

FIRST CONFERENCES (brand development, web)

ADEPTION DESIGN (rebrand, web)

SEEBOARD (POS/advertising)

PANORAMA (illustration)

NEWCASTLE FC (design/illustration)

+64 224 743 404


What to expect

Your business, your market, your message, your goals; determine brand direction.

What sets you apart?
Brand essence to brand loyalty.

Your visual identity, including logo concepts in combination with supporting fonts, colour palette, message, collateral.

Feedback and further development until you are 100% satisfied with your new ID.

In all required universal formats.
Now you are brand loaded we can discuss what further creative support your brand may require
Rebecca Melton  - PHOENIX CROSSFIT

Liam worked with us for our new CrossFit facility in Auckland. He put together the full branding package which included everything we needed from logo to signage and even options for apparel. With 8 fussy people to please, he very patiently worked with us and was able to guide us through the process with no stress. We are all absolutely in love with our finished look.

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