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digital signage
Be remembered.

Digital signage, motion graphics and short videos can help us to deliver your unique message in a visually stunning and memorable way. With so much competition for consumer attention, in a world of ever decreasing attention spans, motion graphics can help your brand to be remembered. Graphics and animation are used to explain ideas and to bind a programme together with a visual unity that adds lustre and prestige to your message.

Rockit Design is the creator of the Chameleon TV. In partnership with ISB, Rockit Design have created and developed a community and business broadcasting network service.

CLICK BELOW to view some short examples of Rockit branded digital ad creations:



Chameleon Live Source Broadcasting
All Videos

All Videos

What does that mean for you?

That means we can tailor your on screen content to guarantee 'eyes on screen'.


Our diverse community platform means we have the localised information to generate genuine local interest and engagement on your screen(s). As well as creating and maintaining your unique brand/product messages, we can intersperse them with:

• weather

• traffic

• news

• local charities

Contact Rockit to discuss the best solution to suit your business.

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